Thin Plate Flexible Dies


Thin Plate Flexible Dies utilize top quality steel. Thin Plate Flexible dies are chemical milled and finished by CNC machining. There is no human touch to sharpen or adjust the blades. Blade height can be controlled to meet even the most strict tolerance needs. Blade to blade distance can also be controlled precisely within needed tolerances, to meet the growing stringent demands from the label printing industry. Mathias Die Thin Plate Flexible Dies are built to last! For personal flexible die service please contact Mathias Die Company at 651-451-0105.

Reason to use Mathias Die for Your Next Flexible Die Job:

Flexible Die
  • Quality: Mathias Die delivers nothing but top quality products!
  • Service: Our number one commitment is to provide the very best service for all of our clients. We have qualified experienced sales and service reps to ensure your job is perfectly produced with no a single bit of stress.
  • Attitude: Our personnel have the "I'll get it done for you" attitude that you can rely on for each and every job!
  • Speed: Mathias Die Company will get you what you need when you need it.

The Mathias Advantage:

  • A tooling solution that provides expanded design complexity, minimal storage space, reduced part denting, and longer die life
  • Bevel geometry designed to perform for the material being cut
  • Die mounting for ready to run heights of .918", .937" and 12mm
  • Die thicknesses ranging from .017" to .059" including variable heights
  • Engineered ejection systems for those sticky situations
  • Customer care you have come to expect from Mathias Die Company
Products made with Thin Plate or Flexible Dies:
  • Label material
  • Gaskets
  • Membrane switches
  • Medical devices
  • Circuits

Materials cut with flexible dies include:

  • Rubber
  • Plastics
  • Magnets
  • Vinyl
  • Cellular Foams such as Poron
  • Cork
  • Felt

Please ask for our one page order form for RF and Heat Seal dies to assure all information is gathered up front for making proper rule choices and for tool fit form and function. We have several suppliers for decorative brass rules when those special situations arise.