D'Slugger II

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The D’Slugger II is a pneumatically operated waste-stripping system. It is designed to work in conjunction with custom stripping jigs (see below) to dramatically decrease the time it takes to separate waste material from die cut parts.

The custom jigs are generally manufactured using the same computer aided design (CAD) information that was used to produce the Laser Steel Rule Die. Male and female parts of the jig assembly are registered and mounted to the D’Slugger II. With set up taking less than 5 minutes from one jig to another being ready for full operation.


After the compressed air supply is attached to the system you are ready to strip parts.

Usually the system works best with stacks of material anywhere from 5 to 30 sheets depending on the lamination thickness and material type. The stack is registered to the lower female jig using blocks or other guides incorporated into the jig design. Pressing the two palm buttons actuates the system. Waste is then driven through the female and to a collection point below the machine.

Keeping the system simple and versatile were the two primary design objectives. Easy access to controls and system adjustments can be made through the sliding access doors on the back of the system. Customer retrofitting and modifying is made easy with the 80/20 TM aluminum frame and shroud.

Technical Specifications

  • Pneumatic Requirements: 80-psi Compressed air, 8-10 cfm
  • Operating Conditions: 50 to 80 degrees F (10 to 20 degrees C)
  • Approx. Machine Dimensions: Length: 48 “ x Width: 44” x Height: 72”
  • Approximate Weight: 500 lbs
  • Cavity Opening with Mounted Fixture 5.5”
  • Maximum Strippable Area: 24” x 36"
  • Dual Synchronized Air Cylinders

Machine Features

  • Powered solely by pneumatics
  • 2 Hand anti-tie down
  • 2 Ton pneumatic actuation
  • Optional detachable side tables with tilting table top!
  • Quickset mounting for set ups that take less than five minutes between applications.
  • Center area free from mechanical obstruction for waste removal
  • Heavy-duty stand and shroud constructed from 80/20 TM aluminum for easy modification and retrofitting
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Movable and removable lower jig stanchions
  • Easy access to main controls through sliding rear doors


  • “The D’Slugger has significantly improved our capacity to complete the medium and large volume jobs with a much faster turn cycle. We are no longer scrambling to find individuals to remove slugs from die cut parts by hand. Jobs are now planned with the D’Slugger in mind. A very progressive technology that has brought to light the efforts and dollars required to staff for hand weeding parts.”

    -Mike Baskfield, General Label Company, Minneapolis MN

  • “"This machine makes complete sense for us and for our industry. This process has allowed us to increase our throughput capacity and improve our on-time delivery to our customers." ”

    -Craig Mitchell, President, Adhesa-Plate Manufacturing, Company, Seattle, WA