MDC Stamping and Die Cutting Press Solutions







With more than 50 years of providing solutions for die cut and stamping applications, Mathias Die Company proudly introduces Mathias Stamping & Die Cutting Press Solutions. MDC Presses are versatile, efficient, presses designed to be dedicated to projects or lines of products. MDC Presses are capable of running multiple Mathias Die Company engineered tooling solutions to convert several types of input materials to finished products. Customized features can also be added to an MDC Press to reduce material handling requirements and best fit your production needs. Contact us to learn how an MDC Press can be an efficient cutting solution for your application.  



  • Versatile cutting press using multiple Mathias flatbed tooling solutions ranging from Matched Metal Tooling, Steel Rule Dies, Thin Plate Tooling or a combination of these technologies
  • Efficient production capabilities with customizable options to fit your production requirements
  • Pneumatic roll feed options available
  • Minimal tool set-up time with quick tool set-up features
  • Clean room cutting system
  • Mathias Engineering Services available to customize presses to fit your production needs
  • Made in the USA!


MDC LP Die Cutting Press

MDC LP PressMDC LP Press Side


  • 100% pneumatic, no electrical power needed
  • Two hand anti-tie down actuation
  • Customizable to enhance production efficiencies
  • 4 post ram for precision
  • 11” daylight
  • 3” stroke