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Membrane Switch Manufacturing

Membrane Switch Manufacturing

We have been building Steel Rule Die tooling for Membrane Switch Manufacturers for more than three decades. We do it well because we employ Engineers that understand the substrates being used in the manufacture of the membrane switch as well as the function and the design limitations of this product. We are confident that our steel rule die expertise in this product field will be of tremendous value and not easily found within other steel rule die companies.

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Screen Printing

Screen Printing At Mathias Die, we pride ourselves in understanding that the finished shape and quality of part edge is a primary element in garnering the attention of your customer. We engineer dies that cut finished parts that are flat, free of compression denting, non-beveled edges, and most importantly meet your print tolerance requirements. You will love the quality of our steel rule dies!

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Gasket and Filter Fabricators

Gasket and Filter Fabricators Gaskets are the glue that keeps our combustion and non-combustion engines together, functioning and free of leaks. They are an immensely important aspect of performance for many of the products produced within the automotive, medical device, and aerospace industries. We understand the responsibility that accompanies building quality steel rule dies that die cut gaskets to print specifications. You need to investigate a relationship with MDC...experts in steel rule die making.

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Medical Device Manufacturing

Placeholder The MD&M industry is fast becoming one of our largest volume users of steel rule dies and related products. We have the quality systems in place to certify our tooling along with the expertise and manufacturing controls required to manage the highly demanding tolerances expected from the Medical Device community. The Medical Device industry demands high quality steel rule dies and MDC delivers high quality steel rule dies!

Offset, Litho and Digital Printing

Offset, Litho and Digital PrintingBecause of the fast paced advances in printing technology over the last five years, we have found ourselves at the leading edge of supporting this industry with fast turn, high quality steel rule dies. Die line software and consistency of print registration with Digital technology has eliminated the need to wait for printed sheets before constructing steel rule dies. ALAS you've found a steel rule die supplier right here in North America who can meet your tolerance and delivery needs!

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Folding Carton Manufacturing

Folding Carton ManufacturingWe are well prepared to handle your folding carton tooling needs with full capabilities that include Steel Rule Dies, NC Cut Ejection, Male/Female Stripping Boards, BSI Blanker Systems, Counter Plates, and Carton Craft Strip Clip Systems. We have been building dies for the Folding Carton industry for over 40 years. We will support and convert any types (type) of electronic files (file) that you can send.

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Label Industry - Cutting with 12mm Dies

Label Industry - Cutting with 12mm DiesBack in 1991 we recognized the opportunity to become the best quality supplier of this makeready-less specialty kiss cutting die. The introduction of low profile in-line multi-station screen printing and die cutting systems demanded that we understand the process for constructing these floating precision steel rule dies. We have mastered the craft and we can turn these dies in just a few business days. Precision steel rule dies, think Mathias Die.

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Printed Flexible, Flex-Rigid, and Multilayer Electronic Circuit Manufacturing

Printed Flexible, Flex-Rigid, and Multilayer Electronic Circuit Manufacturing - 7/8" diesThis is a rapidly advancing and demanding industry. The two most important aspects of building steel rule dies for the Electronic Circuit Board industry has been speed and accuracy. We have the quality systems in place to certify our tooling along with the expertise and manufacturing controls required to manage the highly demanding tolerances. The Printed Circuit industry is a very good fit for us.

Our biggest accomplishment has been bridging the gap between class A hard tooling and steel rule dies by introducing the Hybrid Insert Die. You now have several alternatives to spending tens of thousands on hard tooling....and still meet critical tolerance expectations.

Government Contract Manufacturing

Government Contract ManufacturingOur capabilities play an important role in your market niche. The most important has been our ability to support the die cutting, laser cutting, water jet and machining, tool design, and engineering needs of the Defense Contract Manufacturer. We excel in the areas of prototype part runs and the dimensional certification of these parts prior to production run quantities. All under one roof. We understand the procedures and responsibilities that accompany meeting the Mil-Spec demands placed on you, the contract manufacturer.

Print Finishing/Die Cutting

Print Finishing/Die CuttingYou can count on us to understand the die cutting equipment you are managing. We have specifications on almost every die cutting machine in use today. We build our tooling to best fit your equipment. We have full range machining capability including Laser, Water Jet, and CNC Milling. We manufacture plastic creasing counter plates in-house for your paper products requiring creasing and folding.

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Nameplate and Overlay Industry

Nameplate Manufacturing We really enjoy this industry because we are one of the very few steel rule die manufacturers that will take on aluminum with a steel rule die. We are successfully building dies that are cutting aluminum up to .040" thick. These range from the very small product ID plates to the large point of purchase displays.

We have also developed a low profile male/female Piercing tool that acts as a hard tool and runs on a clam style or punch press and allows for stamping and clearing internal cutouts from multiple up sheets at one time. The largest tool we have successfully manufactured was used to pierce 70 holes per cycle from a 22" x 24" sheet. It is an ideal tooling technology for both aluminum and thicker poly sheet substrates. Expect top-flight quality and service from our steel rule dies.

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Point of Purchase Manufacturing

Point of Purchase ManufacturingThe P.O.P industry has exploded over the past ten years and with it has the need for large format steel rule dies. The many times thicker polymer based substrates being used today have challenged even the best die makers. Mathias Die has become the leader in this product line because we understand the intricacies of die cutting and rule deflection issues that have an enormous impact on the finished look of the die cut piece. If you are in need of a 5' long or a 15' long die, we can give you what you need.

Finishing Support Services: Laser Cutting, Water Jet, Digital Cutting, CNC Machining and Die Cutting. Many of today's P.O.P substrates cannot be steel rule die cut successfully. We will assist you with your finishing needs when you have limited cutting systems.

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Vinyl Product Manufacturing - RF Dies, Heat Sealing Dies

Vinyl Product Manufacturing - RF Dies, Heat Sealing DiesWe have been manufacturing Brass and Aluminum RF Heat Sealing dies since 1971. Our capabilities for manufacturing RF tooling has recently been expanded with the addition of our CNC Machining center in 2004. We build both steel/wood and brass/aluminum versions of this tooling. If you are producing vinyl products that require RF sealing or thermal sealing please consider contacting us for your next tooling project.

Packaging - Blister, Skin Packaging

Packaging - Blister, Skin PackagingSteel rule die technology is an essential aspect of producing blister cards and sealing the blisters to the card, clam-shell thermoformed packages and graphic inserts, and skin packaging. Standard height steel rule dies to stacked high dies to sealing boards, we are your one stop tooling and design shop. We will fit steel rule dies to sheets, cards, blisters or electronic design files.

Toys and Games

Toys and GamesIt is nice to have an outlet where we can have a little fun with steel rule die designs and their intended end use. We have been involved in the early design and prototyping stages of some very popular game pieces over the past several decades. You can utilize our laser cut, water jet cut, and die cut services for your sample runs. We will assist you in exploring the production options available and help you make decisions regarding equipment necessary to produce your Toy or Game. We are willing to support your initial production runs to up and to the point you are ready to take it on yourself.

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Hobbies and Crafts

Hobbies and CraftsAnother exciting product niche that has its fun side. The ingenuity and creativity within the ranks of our inventors, hobbyists and crafters never seems to disappoint. Craftsmanship and steel rule die manufacturing go hand in hand. There is a natural fit for us here. Our engineers and designers are ready for any idea you may have. If you are an inventor or an avid hobbyist, our products and services including steel rule dies, die cutting, laser cutting and machining are available and ready to go to work for you.

Promotional Products

Promotional ProductsA very rapidly growing industry with many needs. Dies, Die Cutting, Laser Cutting, Digital Cutting, CNC Machining and Milling are all at your disposal. The products we are seeing from you vary greatly with each application. We have a tremendous Design and Engineering staff that can help from product conception to final manufacturing.

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