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Steel Rule Dies

Steel Die

Mathias Die Company is proud to be the leader in steel rule die and related tooling technology. Manufacturing steel rule dies since 1965 our knowledge and experience in the steel rule die business is unmatched. Our primary focus is to understand your steel rule die needs, and delivering you steel rule dies that meet or exceed your requirements and finished part specifications. We look forward to working with you.Learn More

Thin Plate Flexible Dies

Flexible Die

Mathias Die Company is a innovative leader in the flexible or thin
plate die industry. Flexible dies are a large part of our core business.
Our 40 plus years of experience in the die industry has resulted in the development of the best engineered Thin Plate Flexible Dies available today. Thin Plate Flexible Dies are an excellent alternative to traditional steel rule dies for cutting thin substrate product such as labels, membrane switches, medical device components, gaskets, insulators, and more..Learn More


Die Cutting

Die Cutting

Mathias Die offers full service die cutting. Our die cutting department will meet your die cutting needs. We have a full array of die cutting services. Allow our team of experienced pros to get you what you need on time every time.Learn More

Waste Stripping Services

Waste Stripping Services

There is a better way, We provide in-house part de-slugging or waste stripping services. Our turn around times are exceptional. We will handle your product with care, and if needed, package per your specification and ship finished product directly to your customer. We also offer our D'Slugger II machine, the only one of its kind in our industry. This profit producing machine is now available for rent, lease, or purchase.Learn More

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Mathias Die installed its first laser in the fall of 1977 and began laser cutting substrates such as wood, polycarbonates, polyesters, steel, stainless, composites, supported and unsupported adhesives, etc. We currently employ 5 laser systems. Three of which are dedicated to cutting prototype and production run volumes of finished parts.Learn More

Waterjet Cutting

Water Jet

Water jet cutting is a great option for many cutting needs. Water jet will cut virtually any material including steel, glass, stone, titanium, copper and many more materials. Water jet will cut almost any shape you desire.  Water jet cutters' big benefit is - the ability to cut material without interfering with the material's inherent structure, there is no "heat affected zone" or HAZ. Learn More